Variable Question text Label
B000_Please think about your life-as-a-whole. How satisfied are you with it? Are you completely satisfied, very satisfied, somewhat satisfied, not very satisfied, or not at all satisfied?LIFE SATISFATION
B002_Now we have some questions about your background.

Were you born in the United States?
B003_In what state were you born?STATE BORN - MASKED
B005SWhat other country is that?COUNTRY BORN - SPECIFY
B005S_otherIn what other country were you born?COUNTRY BORN - OTHER SPECIFY
B006_In about what year did you first come to live in the United States?ARRIVE IN US-YEAR
B014_What is the highest grade of school or year of college you completed?R HIGHEST LEVEL OF EDUCATION
B015_Did you get a high school diploma or pass a high school equivalency test?R EARN HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA/GED
B016_Did you get a college degree?R COLLEGE DEGREE
B017MWhat is the highest degree you have earned?R HIGHEST DEGREE - MASKED
B019_Consider your health while you were growing up, before you were 16 years old.

Would you say that your health during that time was excellent, very good, good, fair, or poor?
B020_Now think about your family when you were growing up, from birth to age 16.

Would you say your family during that time was pretty well off financially, about average, or poor?
B021_While you were growing up, before age 16, did financial difficulties ever cause you or your family to move to a different place? MOVE DUE TO FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY
B022_Before age 16, was there a time when you or your family received help from relatives because of financial difficulties?FAMILY GET FINANCIAL HELP IN CHILDHOOD
B023_Before age 16, was there a time of several months or more when your father had no job?FATHER UNEMPLOYED DURING CHILDHOOD
B025_Did you ever live in the same household with a grandparent for a year or more before age 17?LIVE WITH GRANDPARENTS DURING CHILDHOOD
B026_What is the highest grade of school your father completed?FATHER EDUCATION- HIGHEST GRADE
B027_And what is the highest grade of school your mother completed?MOTHER EDUCATION- HIGHEST GRADE
B028_Do you consider yourself Hispanic or Latino?R HISPANIC/LATINO
B029MWould you say you are Mexican American, Puerto Rican, Cuban American or something else? Please choose all that apply.Mexican American / Chicano
B033_We would like to clarify some aspects of your family history.

How many children have you ^FLB033_? Please don't count miscarriages or still-births, or adopted or step-children for this question.
B034_How many of them are still living?NUMBER LIVING CHILDREN
B035_Have you ever served in the active military of the United States?R SERVED IN MILITARY
B036_During what years were you in active service?YEAR MILITARY BEGIN
B038_Do you have a disability connected with military service?MILITARY RELATED DISABILITY
B039_In what year did you move to your current home in ^FLMainResidence?YEAR MOVED TO MAIN RESIDENCE
B040_In what month was that?MONTH MOVED TO MAIN RESIDENCE
B047MIn what state did you live most of the time when you were ^FLB047?ST/COUNTRY R LIVED DURING SCHOOL-MASKED
B049_Were you living in a rural area most of the time when you were ^FLB047?LIVED RURAL AREA DURING SCHOOL
B050_What is your religious preference?R RELIGIOUS PREFERENCE
B054_Is English the language you usually speak at home?ENGLISH USUALLY SPOKEN IN HOME
B061_Just to clarify, are you currently separated, divorced, widowed, or have you never been married?MARITAL STATUS IF UNMARRIED
B065_Altogether, how many times have you been married^FLB065?NUMBER OF MARRIAGES
B066_In what year and month did your ^FLB066 marriage begin?MARRIAGE YEAR BEGAN
B068_Did that marriage end in divorce or were you widowed?MARRIAGE END DIVORCE/WIDOW
B070_About how many years did that marriage last?MARRIAGE-YEARS MARRIED
B076_How often did you receive assistance with answers to these questions?ASSIST SECTION B-DEMOGRAPHICS
B078_Did you ever live with your mother for a period of 6 months or more as an adult, that is, at age 25 or older?ST/COUNTRY R LIVED DURING SCHOOL
B079_Would you say that living with her was mainly to help your mother out, to help you out, or because it would be helpful to both of you?DID MOVE HELP YOU- YOUR MOTHER- OR BOTH
B080_Did any of your brothers or sisters ever live with your mother for a period of 6 months or more as an adult, that is, at age 25 or older?SIBS LIVE W/ MOTH 6 MO OR MORE AS ADULT
B081_Would you say that living with her was mainly to help your mother out, to help the sibling out, or because it would be helpful to all of them?MOVE MADE TO HELP MOTHER-SIBLINGS-BOTH
B082_About how often have you attended religious services during the past year?HOW OFTEN ATTEND RELIGIOUS SERV
B083MIn what country were you born?COUNTRY BORN - Mexico
B085_Are you a citizen of the United States?US CITIZENSHIP
B086_Were you born a citizen of the United States?

[DEF: U.S. born citizens include people born abroad of an American parent or parents, and those born in U.S. territories and possessions, including Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, or Northern Marianas.]
B087_In what year did you become a United States citizen? YEAR BECAME US CITIZEN
B088_What portion of the time did your mother work outside the home when you were growing up?MOTHER WORK DURING CHILDHOOD
B089MWhat race do you consider yourself to be? Please choose all that apply. White / Caucasian
B091_Do you consider yourself primarily ^FLB091R RACE - PRIMARY - MASKED
B096_Were you a commissioned officer, a warrant officer, or enlisted personnel when you left the armed forces for the last time?

  • Commissioned officers consist of pay grades O-1 through O-10, or, for example, lieutenants, majors, or captains.
  • Warrant officers consist of pay grades W-1 through W-5.
  • Enlisted personnel consist of pay grades E1 through E9, or, for example, privates, airmen, seamen, corporals, sergeants, or petty officers.
B097_Did you ever fire a weapon against the enemy or come under enemy fire?EVER FIRE WEAPON
B099_When you were growing up, before you were 16 years old, did you miss a month or more of school because of a health problem?Childhood - Missed School
B100_Measles?Measles Before Age 16
B101_Mumps?Mumps Before Age 16
B102_Chicken Pox?Chicken Pox Before Age 16
B103_Difficulty seeing, even with eye glasses or prescription lenses?Difficulty Seeing Before Age 16
B104_Did your parents or guardians smoke during your childhood?Parents/Guardians Smoke
B105_Asthma?Asthma Before Age 16
B106_Diabetes?Diabetes Before Age 16
B107_A respiratory disorder such as bronchitis, wheezing, hay fever, shortness of breath, or sinus infection?Respiratory Disorder Before Age 16
B108_A speech impairment?Speech Impairment Before Age 16
B109_An allergic condition?Allergic Condition Before Age 16
B110_Heart trouble?Heart Trouble Before Age 16
B111_Chronic ear problems or infections?

[DEF: By chronic we mean recurring (coming back again and again) or persistent (lasting, not going away).]
Ear Problems Before Age 16
B112_Epilepsy or seizures?Epilepsy or Seizures Before Age 16
B113_Severe headaches or migraines?Headaches or Migraines Before Age 16
B114_Stomach problems?Stomach Problems Before Age 16
B115_High blood pressure?High BP Before Age 16
B116_Depression?Depression Before Age 16
B117_Drug or alcohol problems?Drugs/Alcohol Problems Before Age 16
B118_Any other emotional or psychological problems?Other Psych Problems Before Age 16
B119_Before you were 16 years old, did you have a blow to the head, a head injury or head trauma that was severe enough to require medical attention, to cause loss of consciousness or memory loss for a period of time?Childhood- Concussion or Severe Head Injury
B120_Before you were 16 years old, were you ever disabled for six months or more because of a health problem? That is, were you unable to do the usual activities of classmates or other children your age?Childhood- Disability
B122_Did you regularly smoke cigarettes while you were in grade school or high school? By "regularly" we mean at least one cigarette a day for most days of the week, for six months or more.Childhood-Smoking
B123_In grade school or high school, did you ever have a problem in learning the usual lessons, such that you regularly attended special classes, received special training sessions, or had to attend a different school for more than six months?Childhood-Learning Problems
B124_Were there any other important or serious health problems that you had before age 16 that you could tell us about?Childhood-Any Other Conditions
B127_At what age were you first diagnosed with ^FLB129[Bcnt]?

If you don't know the exact age, please give us your best guess
Age first diagnosed
B127_afterAt what age were you first diagnosed with ^FLB129[Bcnt]?

If you don't know the exact age, please give us your best guess. Please just enter 1 if it was before age 1.
Age first diagnosed after 16
B128_Would you say it was before age 12, after age 12, or what?Age first diagnosed after no response
B129_Until what age did you have ^FLB129[Bcnt]?

If you don't know the exact age, please give us your best guess.
Age condition stopped
B132_Are you generally a person who tries to avoid taking risks or one who is fully prepared to take risks?

Please rate yourself from 0 to 10, where 0 means "not at all willing to take risks" and 10 means "very willing to take risks."
UAS089Are you of Middle Eastern or North African descent?middle eastern or north african ascend