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Question text: Which of these plans provides this coverage?

For your reference, below are plans you've mentioned before.

If you select a plan already on the list, please be sure to confirm the entire plan name has remained the same. If not, select "Add a plan" and enter the new plan name in the space provided.

If you don't know your plan name, select "Add a plan" and enter "Dental Plan" in the space provided.
Answer type: Radio buttons
Answer options: 1 ^FLPlans[1]
2 ^FLPlans[2]
3 ^FLPlans[3]
4 ^FLPlans[4]
5 ^FLPlans[5]
6 ^FLPlans[6]
7 ^FLPlans[7]
8 ^FLPlans[8]
9 ^FLPlans[9]
10 ^FLPlans[10]
11 ^FLPlans[11]
12 ^FLPlans[12]
13 ^FLPlans[13]
14 ^FLPlans[14]
15 ^FLPlans[15]
16 ^FLPlans[16]
17 ^FLPlans[17]
18 ^FLPlans[18]
19 ^FLPlans[19]
20 ^FLPlans[20]
21 ^FLPlans[21]
22 ^FLPlans[22]
27 Add a plan: ~N070
Empty allowed: One-time warning
Error allowed: Not allowed
Multiple instances: No

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