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Welcome to the Understanding America Study Omnibus Survey

The UAS Omnibus is a powerful resource that allows researchers to share the overhead cost of obtaining valid and reliable national data needed for academic, government, private, public, or policy research. Add up to 12 questions per quarter, and track change over time. Further savings are provided by the ability to link your data to the UAS's extensive collection of sociodemographic variables and other analytic data on a wide variety of topics such as health, finances, cognitive ability, political attitudes, psychological tests, and including the entire set of Health and Retirement Study questions. Demographic and household data is updated quarterly, so crucial information is always up to date.

Next UAS Omnibus Submission Deadline: July 1, 2017

There are many advantages to using the UAS Omnibus, which is based in the 6000+ member national Understanding America Study panel.

  • UAS is a representative national probability-based panel, recruited from among all households in the country
  • Internet connected tablets have been provided to members who did not have internet access, to ensure coverage of harder to reach populations.
  • Panel response rates of up to 80%+, depending on allotted time. Recruitment response rates are posted online.
  • Price based on length/number of simple questions, and sample size. Pricing calculator.
  • No extra charge for linking to sociodemographics and analytic data
  • Spanish translations also standard for all surveys. Other languages available, at additional cost.
  • Capable of handling complex designs involving, for example, visual elements, experiments, or use of external devices, at additional cost

The UAS is committed to complete transparency and integrity in our operations. We comply with the Code of Professional Ethics and Practices of the American Association for Public Opinion Research and our ESOMAR company profile is provided online.

UAS Staff are available to assist with question wording to ensure you collect the data that you need. At the end of the field period, we will provide you with a fully weighted data set. Use our online price calculator to explore costs for basic questons, or contact us to discuss the costs of deploying more complex designs. For more information about UAS, or to learn more about the UAS team, led by the Center For Economic and Social Research's executive director Dr. Arie Kapteyn, visit our pages at For more information or add survey questions to the UAS Omnibus, please contact UAS Survey Director Jill Darling at